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Rental Applications and Brain Injury

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Today I got an angry call from someone who was turned down because their application was incomplete.  A desk clerk checked the app and thought he had everything he needed, but when it came to me to process, I saw incomplete sections which results in denial.

Now let me explain the applicant has an opportunity to resubmit, but in this market, it’s very tight and often 2-3 people or more are vying for the same property, so if there is something incomplete the person usually doesn’t get another chance.

The burden is on the applicant to make sure.  There is a detailed list of what to do attached, and the proof of income was missing as well.

Angry?  That’s an understatement, and once again we are at fault and subject to all the bad word of mouth this person will spread about us because of their mistake.

Regrettable?  Certainly.  We don’t wish to offend.  But this is how angry our society is now.  If we don’t get what we want, exactly as we want it, we pop off, explode, tear down, and try to attack.

Let me add, the desk clerk is continuing to recover from a head injury.  When this person had it explained to her, she snorted “good luck with your business” and hung up.

This action got me to thinking about the wounded vets coming back.

Everyone has sympathy for them, right?  But try to deal with a person who had brain trauma?  That’s another thing.  Impatience, disgust, misunderstanding…all a few of the things I regularly experience from people who don’t understand and don’t give a damn about it.

I’ve written this before, but can we try and put ourselves in another’s shoes?

People with head trauma move more slowly.

They forget. They need to be reminded often.  They don’t like to admit their challenges and appear to understand, but we need to help by asking “can you repeat that back to me”.

And by the way?  The desk clerk with head trauma?  He’s my son, and I chose him, every time, even if someone gets a little mad.

I’m glad he’s alive.