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Maintenance at Vacation Rental Properties

Friday, April 12th, 2013

It occurs to us that guests may have no clue as to the preparation of a vacation home. Why isn’t something working when the company has supposedly checked the home prior to your stay? How come a light bulb is out where I need it most, or a faucet leaks, or cobwebs are in the corner?

Sonoma County Vacations/Healdsburg Property Management has one of the company’s owners personally inspect and prepare the property. He trouble shoots items such as smoke alarm batteries chirping, light bulbs that are out, overnight cobwebs (yes, they come up overnight due to the agriculture) and hot tub problems.

Even so, a house is just that, and systems fail and break and go out.

No company or property owner would ever want a guest to be without, or be unhappy, but these things happen. Is it fun to be set on having a hot tub and it breaks down? No, of course not. Some companies have written in their procedures and contracts that no discounts are given for systems that have failed. This is typical along the coast or at rural properties.

To get maintenance personnel out the same day, get parts, etc., sometimes isn’t achievable. Every owner or company does whatever they can and whatever is in their power, but for example, when we walk out the door after inspecting, a smoke alarm battery can fail. A dishwasher may start to leak. A bird may have made a nest in the chimney and because we do not make fires, leaving them to burn unattended in a fireplace, we won’t know about it.

Bottom line — we want our guests to be happy. Is it 100% achievable? No, but we keep trying, as I believe all companies and property owners do.