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Friendly Reminders For Taste Alexander Valley

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Just a few tips for Taste Alexander Valley! Please take the time to read the following:

– No one under 21 is allowed in this event- Please be prepared to show your identification card and have it handy at all times.

– Healdsburg is a very dog friendly town, however, for this weekend, dogs and other pets will not be allowed in this event as there will be a lot of foot traffic, and most wineries will also be serving food.

– Carry identification.

– No fragrances- to enhance your enjoyment of the wines of Dry Creek Valley, they ask you to refrain from wearing perfume, colognes, aftershaves, or lotions. Fragrances can overwhelm the aromas and taste of the wine for you and the people around you.

– Drink responsibly.

– Drive carefully- most roads in Dry Creek and West Dry Creek Road are very narrow and have blind corners. West Dry Creek Road is extremely narrow, so please drive slow. We’ve noticed that a lot of people who visit the area have difficulty driving, or are simply oblivious to road rules and proper road courtesy. Driving in wine country is very different from driving in the city or the suburbs. Most of the roads are very narrow yet are two-lane. There are a lot of turns with blind corners, so we encourage you to stay on the right side of the road to avoid any accidents.

Remember, drive slow. Narrow roads usually have 15-25 speed limits. There are also a lot of cyclists on wine country roads, and we encourage you to drive even more carefully when cyclists are around. And remember, share the road. Cyclists are also expected to ride in single file and not side by side.

There is also a bridge in Healdsburg called Lambert Bridge that leads to West Dry Creek Road. We would like to remind you that this is a one lane bridge, and cars are to pass alternately, one car at a time. Please be reminded that you are to drive slowly, and you are required to stop a few yards away from the entry of the bridge, and whoever stops first gets to pass first. We have seen a lot of cars driving very fast without stopping whatsoever, leading to collisions.

Hope these tips would be of help! Please drive safe and have fun in wine country!