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Confused About What To Recycle?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Well, we’re here to help! It’s completely understandable to be confused about what you can or cannot recycle, so we’ll give you a few tips on what to place in side that blue cart.

Mixed Paper and Cardboard

What to do: Flatten or cut boxes to fit loosely inside cart. Place shredded paper in clear plastic or paper bag.

YES: White and colored paper, office paper and junk mail, newspaper, magazines and catalogs, cereal and shoe boxes, corrugated cardboard

NO: Napkins, towels, tissues, food-contaminated paper, pizza boxes, photographs or blueprint paper, waxed cardboard or paper

Milk Cartons and Juice/Rice/Soy Boxes 

What to do: Remove straws and tops. Empty before recycling

YES: Milk cartons, drink boxes

NO: Plastic-lined cartons, straws or pop tops

Glass Bottles & Jars

What to do: Remove caps and tops. Empty before recycling.

YES: Clear and colored glass, food and beverage jars

NO: Window or mirror glass, ceramic, dishes or stemware

Plastic Containers

What to do: Wash and squash, remove caps. Empty before recycling

YES: Plastic containers, milk and water jugs, soda and juice bottles, yogurt and deli tubs

NO: Plastic caps, styrofoam

Metal Cans

What to do: Wash and squash, leave labels on. Empty before recycling

YES: Aluminum cans, steel and and tin cans, bimetal cans, emptpy paint/aerosol cans

NO: Plastic caps, styrofoam 

Hope these tips help! Please remember to recycle responsibly!