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Have You Been To Quivira Winery?

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

If you haven’t, you really should. Quivira Winery is one of my favorite wineries of all time. I love their beliefs, and I love how they practice biodynamic farming. In their website, it says that the core of biodynamics is creating the healthiest soil possible. Following this farming discipline, the soil in our vineyards is closely (bordering on obsessively) monitored, ensuring that it is teaming with natural, healthy microbiotic life. Balance is essential: if we take something out, we put something back in. We feed the microbiotic life with natural, time-tested techniques. Everything we do in the vineyards is a testament to the fact that the earth under our feet is just as alive as the vines above ground.

They take care of their land and are very concerned about the environment. Not only do they make good wine, they have organic vegetables, too! In the mornings, when I pass by the winery on my way to work, I see people working on the vegetable garden as early as 6:30AM and all throughout the day. They also have chickens of different kinds, and they also have Ruby, their very cute, happy and adorable pig.

You just have to visit Quivira Winery when you’re in town- you’ll definitely be amazed! Their Rose, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Grenache is absolutely amazing- you can taste how much love was put into those grape- just simply delicate! And once you’ve tried it, I assure you you’ll be back for more.