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Maintenance Tips

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

There are a lot of tips to keep your carpets free from all those stains and unsightly spots before your annual carpet cleaning. The general rule of thumb for spot cleaning is never scrub any kind of stain. It’s best to blot the spotted area, and to work from outside-in. Here are a few tips for dry spills and water-based spills.

For dry spills:

  • The first step to tackling dry spills is thorough dry vacuuming. It’s best to use the hose attachment to avoid working the spill deeper into the fibers of the carpet.
  • If the spot remains, apply a water-based spotter to a white cotton towel and gently rub the are from outward inward.

For water-based spills:

  • As soon as something spills, quickly place a cotton towel on the area to let the towel absorb as much as possible. Afterwards, follow the procedures for dried spills.
  • For spills that have dried up, dampen the area with warm water but don’t use too much! Press a cotton towel to the spot to absorb the moisture. Repeat this rinsing process.
  • If a spot remains, dampen the area again, then apply a carpet spotter and blot.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

A Few Tips To Help Make Someone’s Day

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

We come across a lot of people every single day that do things for us without us even knowing it, and through this blog entry, we’d like to give you a few helpful tips to help make things easier for everyone! These are small things that we overlook, yet these small things can actually help someone out tremendously!

Dining Out

  • If you like to eat out with friends and you want to pay separately at the end of the meal, it would be a lot easier and more convenient for your server if you request separate checks at the beginning of the meal. It’s easier to make separate bills/checks before taking orders than afterwards.
  • Don’t take the merchant copy.
  • Be specific about how you want your food cooked so nothing goes to waste.

Garbage and Recyling Collectors

  • Be careful not to overload containers. It’s very time consuming for garbage collectors to get out of the truck and pick up garbage that’s left beside the garbage cans.
  • Never mix garbage with recyclables. Doing this can be illegal, and it takes a lot of time for workers, costing the city a lot of money.
  • For pet owners, make sure to dispose your pet’s litter properly. Sometimes, people put in a bag hidden inside another bag, and when blade of the machine scoops up trash, it often breaks the hidden bags, spraying the litter everywhere.


  • Make sure not to pour liquids down the sink and not in your office trash bin. Leaving coffee, water, juice, soda in the cup and disposing it right away in your trash can can cause a big spill when it’s time to take the trash out. Usually, this spills on the carpet or on equipment, costing money.
  • Make sure to identify what is trash and what’s not. People who clean the office aren’t allowed to remove anything unless it’s marked as trash.

Letters and Newspapers Carriers

  • Make sure not to block your newspaper tube or mailbox, especially on garbage day.
  • Make sure your pets are in a safe and secure place because even the friendliest dogs may have the tendency to go after the person who delivers your mail.
  • Clear the pathway to your house to prevent anyone from tripping.

Remember, a sincere smile can make anyone’s day! Stay happy!

Bakers Dozen 2010

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Starting from January 22nd, the annual “Bakers Dozen” exhibit will be featuring art work from 13 northern California artists at The Quicksilver Mine Co. This show will open on January 23rd with an artist reception from 4:00PM-6:00PM, and this exhibit will last till February 28th! This year’s Bakers Dozen features work by 13 mixed media collage artists- Susan Stover, Lois Stopple, Armando Ramos, Sherry Parker, Harley, Micah Schwaberow, Deborah Salomon, Chiyomi Taneike Longo, Louise Forbush, Cecily Axt, Cynthia Granados, Jenny Honnert Abell, and Kirk Hinshaw. If you’ll be in the area during these days, we encourage you to stop by and take a look at the beautiful work of all these artists!

The Quicksilver Mine Co. is located at 6671 Front Street in Downtown Forestville. If you’d like to stay for the weekend, we have a few vacation homes that are located in the Forestville area such as Zen Breezes, Le Petite Soleil, and in Guerneville, Forest House (Waldhaus) at the Russian River.

For more information about this event, please visit The Quicksilver Mine Co..

Friendly Reminders For Winter Wineland

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Winter Wineland will be held this weekend, January 16 & 17, from 11:00AM to 4:00PM on both days. We’d like to give you a few reminders when you join this event.


•Be prepared to show your photo I.D. at all times. Remember, no I.D. = no admittance.

•You need to show your wristband at each winery you visit to let the staff of Winter Wineland know that you’ve checked-in.

•Keep your wristband at the end of Saturday. You will need to keep your wristband on for both days.

•If you break your glass they’ll gladly replace it, but if you lose or forget your glass it will be $5.00.

•Remember that all the Wine Road events are for adults only… NO ONE under the age of 21 is allowed to attend Winter Wineland – no babies or children of any age.

•Please be reminded  not to bring dogs to Winter Wineland. Some wineries welcome dogs on NON-EVENT days.

•Each person in your party will need to be present when checking in, so the winery can check ID’s and attach wristbands to each attendee.

•Anyone that purchases a Sunday Only ticket will need to check in on Sunday…and everyone in the party will need to be present to have their wristband attached and ID checked.

•Participating wineries will stop pouring at 4:00 on event weekends, even if their normal tasting hours are later.


Winter Wineland will push through, come rain or shine. We are expecting rain on both days, so be careful driving, and remember that you need a designated driver at all times for both days. Have fun and be safe!

Press Democrat Article – Party gone Wrong

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Jan. 12 — Article in Press Democrat sensationalizing results of a party of teens and young 20’s gone wrong –  I just want to comment, being a vacation rental management and company owner.  There is  lot in the news lately about vacation rentals and the press hasn’t been too kind about the subject.  This event is a perfect vehicle to further sensationalize and continue negative reporting about the hazards of vacation rental.  You may have read it — an unauthorized rave was held with an LA DJ at a rural location where several hundred people were invited and attended.  The article says about 80 people were dancing on the deck when it collapsed.  The article also says there was drugs and alcohol.

A couple of things here:

1.  I personally know the owner of the vacation rental company to be an honest, fair and trustworthy person who would never authorize such a thing;

2.  80 people on a deck, any residential use deck, is dangerous, let alone when there’s shaking, dancing, etc.  It’s common sense.

3.  The use on this property was illeagal and unauthorized – why is this anyone’s responsibility except for the renter?

4.  This is exactly why, when the public, as interested renters, has to go through screening, security deposits, strict contracts, etc. and why we as an organization have developed a code of conduct when renting vacation rentals (see earlier blog).  It’s unfortunate the few make the many pay — that’s the story of our legal system, though.

5.  What the public never hears about are the tens of thousands of rentals that do go off without complaint, damage, neighbor nuisance.  Believe me, there is that number every year of rentals and most are just friends and family wanting to get away, attend a wedding, visit and relax.   As this industry helps support the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau with significant tax contributions (20% of the budget), and drives people to local business such as shops, restaurants, parks and more, you would think the news might be more positive.  But that’s not headlines these days!

Tips For Replacing A Torn Window Screen

Monday, January 11th, 2010

If you’re starting the new year with doing a few projects on improving your home, we have a few tips for you on how to take care of your window screen! This is a perfect blog entry for those who live in wine country since your homes have window screens- an essential during hot summer days! This is a relatively easy project that would cost $80 for a professional to do it for you. To get started with this project, you will need scissors, a utility knife, spline, a flathead screwdriver, mesh-screening material, and a spline rolling tool.

1. Once you have all your tools, slowly remove the screen on its frame from the window. This should be relatively easy as the screen usually pops out. Place it on a flat surface and use your flathead screwdriver to pry off the strip of rubber or plastic that holds the screen in the frame.

2. Then, get the new mesh that you have and align it on top of the frame. Make sure you keep the grid straight to make it look neat. Get your scissors and cup the replacement screen to the size of the outer edge of the frame. Carefully cut a small square from each corner- approximately the width of the frame- to prevent the material from bunching where the edges meet.

3. Then, starting in one corner and working your way up on one side, push the screen into the channel with the convex end of the spline rolling tool. The goal is to achieve a slight indentation- there is no need to jam it in.

4. Insert the spline before moving on to another side. Use the concave end of the spline rolling tool to push the cord into the channel over the top of the screen; hold the screen as you go so it doesn’t bunch. Once you’re done, simply repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining sides.

5. Afterwards, push the spline into the corners with a screwdriver. Cut the spline overhang with scissors. Use a utilitiy knight to trim the excess screen around the frame.

See, now wasn’t that easy? We hope these tips from DIY Home will be of great help for your window screens. If you need help with other repairs for your home, please feel free to contact us and we’d gladly be of assistance!

Have a wonderful week!

Sonoma County Vacations’ Newsletters

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all staying warm on this chilly Thursday! We just wanted to share with everyone that by the end of this week, we’ll be sending out newsletters to our past guests! We want to keep you informed with the latest events in Healdsburg and around Sonoma County! We’ll also keep you informed with our latest vacation home specials.

We’ll be adding a link on our website if you’d like to sign up for our newsletters, but for now, if you’d like to be added to our mailing list, please feel free to send us an email at, or give us a call at (707) 433-8899.

Hope to hear from you soon! Stay warm!

Sonoma County Tourism

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Tourism statistics indicate the sector is on the rise according to D. Ashley Furness of the North Bay Business Journal.  The Sonoma County Tourism Bureau will commence its first, 3 year stratetgic plan, including more tech marketing, a larger home office and additional satellite locations on the east coast and abroad.  Recent hospitality rates show a  rebound, reflected in an increase in occupancy between 7/08-7/09 — the first positive shift of the year.

Don’t flush medicine

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

If you flush unwanted or expired medications down the toilet, you may be surprised to find you’re inadvertently medicating the wildlife in our local waterways.  Wastewater treatment plants aren’t designed to remove synthetic medicines which can harm aquatic animals, especially at the developmental stage of their lives.  Both over the counter and prescriptions drugs are classified as hazardous waste and should always be taken to authorized drop off sites.  Drop offs are:  Healdsburg CVS Drug store at 455 Center Street and the Healdsburg Police Department at 328 Center Street.  Cloverdale at Cloverdale Pharmacy, 117 Broad Street, and Windsor at Health First 9070 Windsor Road and CVS Pharmacy at 9030 Brooks Road.

New in Your Neighborhood

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Healdsburg and Sonoma County go green with new split body truck pilot program.  New state of the art trucks can collect two different materials, such as garbage and recling in the same truck.  Collecting two materials in one truck decreases the number of trips through neighborhoods by one-third.  Fewer trucks means reduced traffic and fewer heavy vehicles on city streets, reducing carbon footprint.