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Sonoma County Restaurant Week

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

February 22 to 28 will be the first-ever Sonoma County Restaurant Week! This will be a seven day celebration of our county’s farm fresh food and premiere wine. You are invited to taste a three-course dinner menus at $19, $29, or $39, depending on the restaurant. What a deal! This is a wonderful opportunity to taste the amazing creations of chefs, and to support local farmers!

We encourage you to come and visit Sonoma County and enjoy the food and not just the wine. There are a number of wonderful restaurants participating in this event, and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on Sonoma County’s most delicious week of the year! You can find a list of the restaurants here.

So come and book a vacation home with us and enjoy what Sonoma County has to offer! This is a perfect chance for all the food lovers and food bloggers to try different restaurants out here for a very affordable price. Hear from you soon!