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Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

In the spirit of Memorial Day and summer coming, today’s blog is a series of quick tips.
1. If traveling in a place where language is a barrier for you, snap or upload a photo of the place/places you want to go and keep in your cell phone.

2. Pack everything in your carry on in clear plastic bags. If you need to open your luggage everything can be seen easily.

3. Do you have a large family or group getting together? Consider renting a home instead of several hotel rooms.

4. Keep the mosquitoes away with: garlic, electric fans, lemon dish soap, and watering the lawn.

5. Items you can use to c lean the grill? Dryer sheets, Newspaper, Orange Peel, aluminum foil.

6. Uses for a golf tee: Makeshift cap for tube of lotion, toothpaste, etc., Corn on the cob holders, garden markers (next to bulbs, perennials), or party stake to keep balloons from floating away.

7.  Off the beaten path — drive from Alexander Valley, Healdsburg, through Pine flat and come out at Cloverdale.  The old town (nothing left) of Mercuryville is a nice view point, and the Russian River can be seen in its wild and beautiful run through canyons.  Gorgeous when the hills are still green.  Take a picnic, have plenty of gas.  When in Cloverdale, try Hamburger Ranch, , or Ruth McGowan’s Brew Pub.  Both are fun stops.


You Have To Visit The Jimtown Store This Month!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Why? Because our favorite soup and sandwiches are back! I absolutely love the watermelon gazpacho and the smoked albacore salad sandwich- they’re just absolutely delicious! Plus the weather is perfect for you to sit at the Jimtown Store’s patio area- such a special place with grapevines overhead.

The Jimtown Store also has a lot of cool souvenirs and treats for your home, so do take the time to go through their store. This is the perfect place for families, and if you’re wine tasting in the Alexander Valley area, do stop by and get something to eat or drink before you head out again!


Watermelon Gazpacho – $3.95 cup / $5.95 bowl / $11.50 quart

Spicy Pepper Jam, Cheddar, Speck, and Arugula on Sourdough – $9.95

Smoked Local Albacore Salad with Cucumber, Lettuce, and Red Onion on Whole Wheat -$9.95

BBQ Beef Brisket on a House-Baked Roll with Grilled Onions, Dave’s Spicy Bread & Butter Pickles, and Chipotle Aioli.
Choice of Coleslaw or Potato Salad on the side. – $12.95

Vegetarian Enchiladas with Chickpeas, Zucchini, Corn, and Jack Cheese – $8.95
Also available for take home as a casserole – $56.00 (serves 8-10)
(48 hours notice applies for the casserole)

Jimtown Chain Gang Chili – $4.95 cup / $8.95 bowl / $17.50 quart
Pork and Beef Chili with red beans. A meal in a bowl. Also available to take home.

Vegetarian Chili – $3.95 cup / $7.50 bowl / $14.95 quart
Spicy, vegan, and low fat! With 3 Beans, Vegetables, and Bulgur Wheat

MONTHLY SIDES & SALADS: – $4.00 side / $8.00 pint / $15.00 quart

Summer Fruit Salad

Mom’s Potato Salad – Red Potato, Hard Boiled Egg & Sweet Peas in a Light Mayonnaise Dressing

Buttermilk Coleslaw

Bread Pudding with Dulce de Leche and Whipped Cream – $3.95

ZIN Taste

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Sonoma County is the best place in the world to grow Zinfandel, so a few wineries here in Healdsburg want to put that to the test! On July 29th, Thursday, everyone over 21 years old is invited to go Affronti Restaurant in Healdsburg to have a taste test of zinfandels from various wineries from Dry Creek and Alexander Valley.

This will be a live wine tasting event to determine whether your favorite zin comes from Dry Creek or Alexander Valley, hosted by Alexander Valley Vineyards, Ridge Lytton Springs and Seghesio Family Vineyards.

Here’s the line up:

Alexander Valley
~ 2008 Ridge Geyserville
~ 2008 Seghesio Home Ranch
~ 2008 Sin Zin – Alexander Valley Vineyards

Dry Creek Valley
~ 2006 Redemption Zin – Alexander Valley Vineyards
~ 2007 Ridge Lytton Springs
~ 2007 Seghesio Cortina Dry Creek Valley

If you’re on twitter, add the hash tag #ZinTaste and taste along with us.  Get your friends together to taste all six or simply choose a few.  Affronti has a live performances every Thursday, so stay a while to enjoy the music and have something to eat.

Have fun and taste responsibly!

Hello, Spring!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Spring is officially here! The weather in Sonoma County is warming up, and more and more people are walking around the plaza, enjoying the sun! I’ve also noticed an increase in number of people who go wine tasting in various wineries in Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley. It’s getting busy around here, especially during lunch or dinner time- restaurants are usually packed, and during the day, lots of people have their meals outside to enjoy the sunshine with their families, friends, and even their dogs.

The buds are starting to break on some of the vines as well, and sooner or later, leaves and tendrils will appear. Watching the grapevines grow is simply amazing, and to the cycle of their growth is humbling. It’s going to be an even greater year here in wine country, and we’re so excited for you to come visit! If you’d like to visit during an event weekend, we recommend visiting on the weekend for Passport To Dry Creek Valley on April 24th and 25th. This will be a weekend filled with amazing wine, fun activities with good music, good food and great company! This is one of the most fun events of the year in wine country, and tickets are almost sold out so please start planning soon!

We also encourage you to take a look at our site and view our newly added vacation homes such as Starr Vineyards Home, Villa Grossi, Kenwood Hillside Estate, Hidden Garden, Sonoma Siesta, Vintage Hills, Calluna Vineyards Guest House, Calistoga Cottage, and Picnic Cottage.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions, of if you need any recommendations on restaurants, activities, shops- we’re here to help! Hope to hear from you soon!

Visit the Jimtown Store

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

If you’re in wine country, you definitely have to visit the Jimtown Store! The Jimtown Store is located right in the heart of Alexander Valley; it has been a landmark since 1895- it served as the general store, post office and meeting place for residents of the valley.

The Jimtown Store is definitely hard to miss with its yellow exterior and the big red truck parked right outside. The store serves extremely delicious comfort food such as pulled pork sandwich, chain gang chili, mom’s potato salad, smoked albacore tuna sandwich, brie and chopped olive sandwich, and a lot more. All of their food is made fresh daily, making everything even yummier! They also have a lot of amazing treats you just have to try such as their homemade energy bars and chocolate pudding!

You will definitely love the Jimtown Store as soon as you step in the door. They have a lot of toys, candy, and treats from back then. Everyone that works here is so friendly and accommodating, and during the summer, you can stay at their patio area and enjoy the sun or sit under the grapevine!

We actually have a vacation home right next to the Jimtown Store called the Jimtown House. It’s a large yet cozy home with beautiful interiors, perfect for a few people! Give us a call if you’re interested in booking this for the upcoming Healdsburg Wild Steelhead Festival, Sonoma County Restaurant Week, or Barrel Tasting!

They will also have a Jimtown Store Valentine Dinner on February 14th at 6:30PM. This will be a six course dinner paired with Mercury Wine. For the full menu and for reservations, you may contact the Jimtown Store here.

In the meantime, enjoy and have a ham and brie sandwich for us!

Friendly Reminders For Winter Wineland

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Winter Wineland will be held this weekend, January 16 & 17, from 11:00AM to 4:00PM on both days. We’d like to give you a few reminders when you join this event.


•Be prepared to show your photo I.D. at all times. Remember, no I.D. = no admittance.

•You need to show your wristband at each winery you visit to let the staff of Winter Wineland know that you’ve checked-in.

•Keep your wristband at the end of Saturday. You will need to keep your wristband on for both days.

•If you break your glass they’ll gladly replace it, but if you lose or forget your glass it will be $5.00.

•Remember that all the Wine Road events are for adults only… NO ONE under the age of 21 is allowed to attend Winter Wineland – no babies or children of any age.

•Please be reminded  not to bring dogs to Winter Wineland. Some wineries welcome dogs on NON-EVENT days.

•Each person in your party will need to be present when checking in, so the winery can check ID’s and attach wristbands to each attendee.

•Anyone that purchases a Sunday Only ticket will need to check in on Sunday…and everyone in the party will need to be present to have their wristband attached and ID checked.

•Participating wineries will stop pouring at 4:00 on event weekends, even if their normal tasting hours are later.


Winter Wineland will push through, come rain or shine. We are expecting rain on both days, so be careful driving, and remember that you need a designated driver at all times for both days. Have fun and be safe!

Watch Starlings In Ballet Over Dry Creek Valley & Alexander Valley

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

One of the most amazing things you could see in your life are a flock of starlings fly in the sky altogether- a movement so fluid and majestic.

300,000 starlings fly as one in the most amazing and graceful set of moves. They fly above Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley (in Healdsburg) all day long, and it’s best to find a spot overlooking the valley and sit there for a few hours- and we assure you, it will be the best few hours of your life.

We would like to invite you to visit Healdsburg this weekend, when the sun’s out, and watch the starlings do their magic in the sky. Starlings migrate to Healdsburg during fall and winter, and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this experience! This is such a wonderful experience for you and your family that you shouldn’t miss! We have a few homes overlooking Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley, perfect for Starling watching!

If you’d like to have a feel for what starlings look like, you can go to YouTube and search starlings ballet and you’ll see what we’re talking about. We hope to hear from you soon! Please don’t miss out on one of nature’s most amazing gifts!

Thinking Of A Good Christmas Present?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner, and more often than not, we find ourselves wondering what to give our loved ones during the most special time of the year. Why not give wine as Christmas presents to friends and family? Who are 21 and over, mind you.

Alexander Valley Vineyards is charging only 5¢ when you order 2 bottles or more by ground! You can save 10% when you purchase by case, and 15% if you purchase two cases.

Please visit their website, for more information.