Into gardening? A few spring gardening tips!

If you enjoy gardening as much as we do, you’ve probably noticed that the cherry blossoms came a bit too early this year. There are a multitude of possibilities as to why this has happened, so we encourage an organic approach to taking care of your plants! Here are a

few tips we’ve learned in our childhood years, and we’d love to share them with you!

a) If you’d like to control a plant’s blossom, egg shells are the answer! Egg shells are a great source of calcium. Take 2-4 egg shells   and gently crush them. Scatter them on the soil and mix them a little bit, and your flowering plants will absolutely be happy!

b) To clean plants with large leaves and to prevent black spots on flowers such as roses, milk and water is the answer! Add a cup of milk to about two cups of water and put the mixture in a spray bottle- then spray them directly to the rose! If you don’t have a spray bottle, don’t worry! Put the mixture in a bowl and either use a clean cloth to wipe the leaves of your plants. For flowers, simply sprinkle the mixture using your fingers.

These tips have definitely helped us over the years! I hope it works for you! Happy gardening!

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