Biking Healdsburg

A great bicycle route in the Healdsburg countryside begins in the Dry Creek Valley.  You can start on either side, West Dry Creek Road, or Dry Creek Road, or in the middle for a shorter loop at Lambert Bridge.  There are multiple wineries along the way, Farm Trails, picnic and view spots, and Dry Creek Store where you can pick up fabulous lunch or breakfast delights.  At the start of Dry Creek Road is Big John’s supermarket offering fresh product, cheese, meats, deli, and more. About 2 miles in begins the route in earnest where Lytton Springs can take you in another direction entirely, and wineries such as Wilson, Nalle, Mauritson, Dry Creek offer their hospitality to our visitors.  Now either cut over Lambert Bridge and back toward town on West Dry Creek Road, and pass by Lambert Bridge, Everett Ridge and Alderbrook, or continue to Yoakim Bridge Road and cut over to West Dry Creek Road.  This route takes you passed Preston, Bella Wine Caves, Quivara, Rafanelli, Raymond Burr, and many more.  You might even meet a new friend along the way, as there are many bike enthusiasts who love this route.  It’s a winner!

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