Delicious Jam

I came across Artisan Preserves at Quivira Winery during Passport To Dry Cry Valley. The owner, Elissa Rubin Mahon, had a table underneath an olive tree, with a basket of jam to the right, and small wooden spoons with beautiful, different colored jams carefully placed in the middle of the table for everyone to enjoy. I tried almost all the jams they had that day and left with a few bottles and I must say, they’re absolutely delicious! The jam is just so delicate, and you can just tell that they were made with so much love. I’ll definitely be getting my jam from her for now on- it’s that yummy! What I love about Elissa Rubin Mahon is that her fruit preserves and jellies strive to capture the vibrance of the fruit. They are therefore hand made in micro-batches and small quantities, so that the intimate interaction between the artisan and product are not lost. All fruits are procured from growers who believe in sustainable agriculture or gleaned from wild sources.

Making the best preserves requires using sustainably grown local fruit that is not frozen or refrigerated and is processed within a day of attaining ripeness. It is hand-cut and cooked by open kettle method without the addition of pectin, and is prepared in batches that contain no more than 7 pounds of perfectly ripened fruit. Each batch of Artisan Preserves is carefully prepared and adjusted to accommodate variation in fruit due to changing seasonal conditions. No batch of preserve can be identical because it is hand made and each picking of fruit has it’s own character. Pleasure of flavor as well as color, texture and clarity are the goal of my art. -Elissa Rubin Mahon

We highly recommend that you try Elissa’s jam. Her website is Happy eating!

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