Beware of Scams on Craigslist

We’ve been having problems with some of our listings on Craigslist, and we’d like to make you aware about this. These are the listings that have been duplicated on Craigslist:

1. 845 Bond Place, Windsor, California
2. 7011 A Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, California
3. 233 Lincoln Street, Healdsburg, California

Please disregard any other ads, and please do not call any of the numbers listed on these fake ads. We’ve reported these to the FBI, and they informed us that these scams are so widespread now- they even have an intricate phone system that steals your information when you call the number listed on the ad. If you come across any ads saying that the owner is abroad or has moved abroad, or the owner has gotten into an accident, or if they give you any strange details, disregard the ad and just give us a call.

Please be smart and please be careful! And please flag any ads that aren’t ours. Thank you!

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