Dormant Tree Services

Plants cannot continue to grow indefinitely. They must be protected from harsh winter conditions in order to survive. This built-in protection is called dormancy. Dormancy is a physiological condition or mechanism that helps insure the continuation of a species. Our wonderful fall colors are a signal that plants are going into dormancy. Although plants may appear to be dying, they are healthy and will remain so if allowed to remain dormant for winter.

This time of year your fruit trees can be safely treated for the following pests:

Scale – Lives mostly on deciduous fruit and nut trees. The damage will get on fruit and will kill shoots.

Leaf Curling Aphids – Lives on apple, plum, cherry, and others. The damage will cause rolled, stunted leaves; stunted and distorted fruit and honeydew drip.

Pear Psylla – Lives on pears. THe damage will cause honeydew with sooty mold, leaf burn, pear decline, leaf curl.

Blister or Rust Mites – Lives on pears for pear blister, pear rust; peach and nectarine for peach silver. The damage will cause pear blister/rust russet fruit surface, blister, and damage leaves.

Peace Twig Borer (PTB) – Lives on peach, nectarine, almond, aprictor, plum, prune. Damage will invade fruit and kills new shoots. Fruit feeding usually superficial, not deep.

This helpful article was from McCauley Brothers Termite & Pest Services. They are located at 120 College Avenue, Santa Rosa, California.

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