The Importance Of Reuse

The saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is so important and so true, especially today. Did you know that each year, Sonoma County residents produce 100,000 tons of material that is landfilled, with a considerable amount of that being usable items: clothes, toys, books, furniture, and household decor? Isn’t that just shocking? Those items could have been used by someone else.

In order to achieve a waste free society, we really need to reuse, repair and reconditioning these items. Statistics show that the average American throws away 68 pounds of clothes and textiles a year. We really need to think about things before we get rid of them because any item can be reconditioned in so many ways- most of the time, making it look brand new!

In Healdbsurg, there are two thrift stores that provide a great service to our community. Goodwill Industries assists people who have disabilities, lack education or job exprience, or face other employment challenges by providing them with employment, job training, and career services. The Goodwill retail store, on Healdsburg Avenue, accepts donations of usable goods, and almost all the profits go to fund Goodwill programs. The bountiful thrift stores located at Lytton Springs Road are run by the Salvation Army. The proceeds from selling donated goods support their in-residence rehabilitation program that serves men and women with emotional or social needs.

 So, the next time you clean out your garage or redecorate your house, think of it this way- Just because you don’t want the item anymore doesn’t mean someone else won’t want to have it. Giving up your old stuff can even make you money- it might not be much, but it’s still something.

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