A Few Friendly Reminders for Barrel Tasting 2010

Here are a few friendly reminders for Barrel Tasting weekends of March 6th-7th and March 13th-14th. Be sure to read these tips before you attend these events! This is a great opportunity for you to beautiful Alexander, Dry Creek and Russian River Valleys.

To those who are new to this event, we’d like to remind you that you will need to purchase the Barrel Tasting ticket to taste at any of the participating wineries, and tickets are good for one weekend only. If you do not have time to purchase tickets right now, you can purchase your entry on the Friday of each weekend at the wineries participating in this event and you will be able to enjoy three full days of Barrel Tasting.  Tickets are good for all three days of the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at any winery that indicates they are Barrel Tasting on Friday. Also, keep in mind that you have to wear your wristband at all times during these days. 

Absolutely no one under 21 years of age, including infants and young children. Also, please do not bring your pet dogs (or any pets) during Barrel Tasting Weekends. Wine Road requests that you please taste responsibly. You must have a designated driver at all times, no matter what happens. Wineries cannot continue to serve anyone that appears intoxicated.

Also keep in mind that Barrel Tasting is not a food or themed event. Many wineries offer “futures” on their barrel samples. This is a chance to purchase wine now, often at a discount, then come back to the winery when the wine is bottled, typically 12-18 months from now. Many wines are so limited, buying futures is your only chance to purchase them.

For the fist time, all wineries will be limited to 150 people, per weekend, for check-in. This is only for check-in. Once you check-in at the winery, you select when you place your ticket order, you can then go to any participating wineries you want. This will help spread the crowd out for check-in, rather than overwhelming a few wineries and causing long lines at check-in. Every winery would like to have an equal number of folks at check-in.

Once a winery has sold 150 tickets (per weekend) their name will be removed from the ticket order page. If you are attending with a group of people – make sure you all order at the same time, or you may not be able to all check-in at the same location. Again – once a winery reaches 150 tickets (per weekend) their name will be removed and you will not be able to select them for check-in.

When buying at the door, each person in the party must be present. The winery staff will need to check each person’s ID to confirm they are at least 21 years old, then attach your event wristband. Wristbands and glasses are not handed out to one person buying for the group. In the rare case that you break your wine glass, they would gladly it, but lost or misplaced glasses are $5.00 to replace.

Almost all our vacation homes are very near the wineries participating in this event, so we encourage you to please take a look at our website.

For more information on Barrel Tasting Event 2010, please visit this Wine Road. Have fun, be safe, and be responsible! Thank you very much!

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