Maintenance Tips

There are a lot of tips to keep your carpets free from all those stains and unsightly spots before your annual carpet cleaning. The general rule of thumb for spot cleaning is never scrub any kind of stain. It’s best to blot the spotted area, and to work from outside-in. Here are a few tips for dry spills and water-based spills.

For dry spills:

  • The first step to tackling dry spills is thorough dry vacuuming. It’s best to use the hose attachment to avoid working the spill deeper into the fibers of the carpet.
  • If the spot remains, apply a water-based spotter to a white cotton towel and gently rub the are from outward inward.

For water-based spills:

  • As soon as something spills, quickly place a cotton towel on the area to let the towel absorb as much as possible. Afterwards, follow the procedures for dried spills.
  • For spills that have dried up, dampen the area with warm water but don’t use too much! Press a cotton towel to the spot to absorb the moisture. Repeat this rinsing process.
  • If a spot remains, dampen the area again, then apply a carpet spotter and blot.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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