To All The Yoghurt Lovers Out There

If you love yoghurt as much as we do, we strongly encourage you to visit Snow Bunny in Healdsburg. Snow Bunny is located right at the plaza, and they have the best organic yoghurt in the county and in the Bay Area!

They have original tart, vanilla, chocolate, and tons of yummy toppings. They also have weekly flavors depending on the fruits of the season. For the Christmas season, they had eggnog yoghurt, and just last week, they had bloog orange yoghurt!

Please visit Snow Bunny when you’re in town. You’ll definitely love this cozy yoghurt shop! If you haven’t visited Healdsburg and you aren’t too into wine tasting, Snow Bunny is a great reason to visit! We have a lot of vacation homes close to town, so feel free to view our homes if you ever decide to visit!

Hear from you soon!

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