Favorite Movies For The Holidays

I can’t believe it’s just a day before Christmas! Time sure flies! I’m sure most of you are spending the holidays with your family and your loved ones- the one time of the year where families get to be complete again. Aside from all the delicious meals your dad, mom, grandfather, or grandmother makes, I’m sure Christmas is that time of the year where some of you may all gather in the living room to watch your favorite Christmas movies!

My favorite Christmas movie is “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. The part where all of them are dancing- each to their own beat, is something that instantly makes me smile and giggle when I think about it. This is just a classic movie that everyone simply loves.

“Miracle on 34th Street” is another classic holiday movie that brings me back to my childhood. My family and I would bring our dessert to the family room right after Christmas dinner, and the adults would bring their coffee and biscuits. There’s just something about these old movies that always makes you feel good after you watch them, especially when you’re with the company of your loved ones.

How could we forget about Macaulay Culkin’s, “Home Alone”? Everyone loved this hilarious movie, and I even know people who memorize all the lines. Don’t you just want to say “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!” when you think of that movie?

Other great holiday movies that are worth watching on our list would be Bill Murray’s Scrooged, Cameron Diaz’s “The Holiday”, Vince Vaughn’s “Fred Claus” and Reese Witherspoon’s “Four Christmases”.

What are your favorite movies? Hope you can share them with us! Have a wonderful day with your friends and family everyone! Happy Holidays from Sonoma County Vacations!

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