A Few Tips For Your Woodburning Fireplace

Fall and winter is the perfect time to use your fireplace, especially now since it’s been really chilly in the moring and at night!

Your fireplace can be a wonderful source of enjoyment for your home, however, if it isn’t cared for, in could cause harm to people and property, and we wouldn’t that to happen. Thus, we have a few tips here to properly care for your fireplace and your chimney, and hopefully this will be of great help to you and your family.

Keep a type ABC fire extinguisher near the fireplace.

When using artificial logs, make sure to use only one at a time.

Be sure to arrange the andirons so logs can’t roll out.

Once you have your fireplace lit, remember to place your fireplace screen to keep out sparks. If you have glass doors instead of a screen, make sure to keep them shut when no one is watching the fire. Before sleeping, make sure the fire is entirely out before leaving the room.

All chimneys should have an animal/bird guard installed at the top. Sometimes these are visible from the ground but at times, they are not. If you ever hear a bird in the chimney, be sure the damper is shut and call your property management immediately.

Never use paper, cardboard, or your Christmas tree to keep your fire burning. Do not use coal, charcoal, or any type of packaging as well.

Store combustible materials in a different part of the house.

Do not use gasoline or any flammable liquids to light or rekindly a fire because the flammable vapors can explode.

Keep the damper open while the logs are burning to prevent accumulation of poisonous gases.

It is pertinent that you and your family members understand the warning signs of a chimney fire, which are shaking pipes, a loud roar, and sucking sounds. It is best to always have the phone number of the fire department posted where everyone can see it- next to the telephone, and on the refridgerator door.

Prior to disposing ashes, make sure all the ashes have cooled entirely. Place the ashes in a lidded metal container to prevent fire. If you are into gardening, ashes are a good source of fertilizer in flowerbeds.

We hope these tips will help you this season! If you have any questions or if you need help with anything at all, please feel free to give the Healdsburg Property Management and Sonoma County Vacations team! We’re here to help!

Happy Holidays!

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