Watch Starlings In Ballet Over Dry Creek Valley & Alexander Valley

One of the most amazing things you could see in your life are a flock of starlings fly in the sky altogether- a movement so fluid and majestic.

300,000 starlings fly as one in the most amazing and graceful set of moves. They fly above Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley (in Healdsburg) all day long, and it’s best to find a spot overlooking the valley and sit there for a few hours- and we assure you, it will be the best few hours of your life.

We would like to invite you to visit Healdsburg this weekend, when the sun’s out, and watch the starlings do their magic in the sky. Starlings migrate to Healdsburg during fall and winter, and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this experience! This is such a wonderful experience for you and your family that you shouldn’t miss! We have a few homes overlooking Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley, perfect for Starling watching!

If you’d like to have a feel for what starlings look like, you can go to YouTube and search starlings ballet and you’ll see what we’re talking about. We hope to hear from you soon! Please don’t miss out on one of nature’s most amazing gifts!

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