Recyling Guide

Here are some tips from your local trash removal service:

Paper and cardboard:  flatten or cut boxes to fit loosely inside cart/container. Place shredded paper in clear or paper bag.  OK = White & colored paper, office paper & junk mail, newspaper, magazines & catalogs, cereal & shoe boxes, corrugated card board.  Not OK = napkins, towels, tissues, food-contaminated paper, pizza boxes, photographs or blueprint paper, waxed cardboard or paper.

Milk Cartons and Juice/Rice/Soy boxes:  Ok = milk cartons and drink boxes, not ok= plastic lined cartons, straws or pop tops.

Glass Bottles & Jars:  Removed caps & tops, empty before recycling.  OK= clear & colored glass, Food & beverage jars. Not OK= window or mirror glass, ceramic, dishes or stemware.

Plastic containers:  Wash & squash, remove caps, empty before recycling.  OK= plastic containers, milk & water jugs, soda & juice bottles, Yogurt & deli tubs. Not OK= plastic caps, Styrofoam.

Metal Cans:  Wash & squash, leave labels on, empty before recycling.  OK= aluminum cans, steel & tin cans, bimetal cans, empty paint/aerosol cans. Not OK = plastic caps, styrofoam

Hope that helps!

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