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Breakfast In Healdsburg?

Monday, April 12th, 2010

If you love breakfast as much as I do, and if you’re extremely picky with the way your breakfast meal is cooked and prepared, then I highly recommend that you try Singletree Cafe. Singletree Cafe’s food is simple yet very, very good. I like omelettes, waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, and all that good stuff, and Singletree Cafe serves just that, cooked with lots of love!

The restaurant is located at 165 Healdsburg Avenue, right before the Healdsburg Plaza. It’s a cozy, diner-style restaurant with amazing comfort food that surely won’t disappoint anyone. The people who work there are so nice and personable as well- and nothing beats excellent customer service!

I absolutely love it at Singletree Cafe and I have breakfast there almost every other weekend. It’s always packed when I go, especially on Sundays. I love real breakfast food, and their food is just so good, and it isn’t oily at all like other breakfast places. I always get scrambled eggs, a side of their delicious bacon, and banana pancakes. I’ve also tried their eggs benedict with wild salmon, machaca scramble- both extremely delicious!

So if you’re in town, or if you’re planning a trip to Healdsburg, make sure to stop by there, and try out Costeaux French Bakery, too! Have fun and happy dining!

Beware of Scams on Craigslist

Friday, April 9th, 2010

We’ve been having problems with some of our listings on Craigslist, and we’d like to make you aware about this. These are the listings that have been duplicated on Craigslist:

1. 845 Bond Place, Windsor, California
2. 7011 A Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, California
3. 233 Lincoln Street, Healdsburg, California

Please disregard any other ads, and please do not call any of the numbers listed on these fake ads. We’ve reported these to the FBI, and they informed us that these scams are so widespread now- they even have an intricate phone system that steals your information when you call the number listed on the ad. If you come across any ads saying that the owner is abroad or has moved abroad, or the owner has gotten into an accident, or if they give you any strange details, disregard the ad and just give us a call.

Please be smart and please be careful! And please flag any ads that aren’t ours. Thank you!

Dragonfly Farm

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Dragonfly Farm is an amazing place that you have to visit when you’re in Healdsburg. For years I have driven past the Dragonfly Farm on Westside Road but I recently went there when the weather was beautiful and I had a wonderful time there! I should’ve taken my camera, but once the weather clears, I’ll go back there and post some photos here.

Owner Bonnie Z and her daughter Carlisle Yuill-Thornton invites everyone to enjoy the garden, take a tour from the ducks or laugh with the silly cats. You are encouraged to bring a picnic to enjoy in shade their new seating area (designed by Ray Degischer).

They also have a seasonal farmstand, which offers cut flowers and other seasonal delights from the garden. Visit their website here. We highly recommend you visit Dragonfly Farm when you’re in town- it won’t disappoint! Have fun!

Have You Gotten Your Copy Of The North Bay Bohemian?

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I just got a copy of The North Bay Bohemian as I was shopping for groceries at Big John’s the other day, and I highly recommend that you get one, too! It’s free and it has all the information on where to go and what to do in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin counties! It’s an amazing source of information and activities not just for adults, but for kids, too!

They have information on concerts, the best restaurants, the best stores, and they even have different articles that are actually interesting. If you’re coming up to Sonoma County and you don’t have a clue of what to do, I highly recommend on browsing through the Bohemian. We working on getting copies for our office and give it to our incoming guests! So check out The North Bay Bohemian and let us know what you think!

Dormant Tree Services

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Plants cannot continue to grow indefinitely. They must be protected from harsh winter conditions in order to survive. This built-in protection is called dormancy. Dormancy is a physiological condition or mechanism that helps insure the continuation of a species. Our wonderful fall colors are a signal that plants are going into dormancy. Although plants may appear to be dying, they are healthy and will remain so if allowed to remain dormant for winter.

This time of year your fruit trees can be safely treated for the following pests:

Scale – Lives mostly on deciduous fruit and nut trees. The damage will get on fruit and will kill shoots.

Leaf Curling Aphids – Lives on apple, plum, cherry, and others. The damage will cause rolled, stunted leaves; stunted and distorted fruit and honeydew drip.

Pear Psylla – Lives on pears. THe damage will cause honeydew with sooty mold, leaf burn, pear decline, leaf curl.

Blister or Rust Mites – Lives on pears for pear blister, pear rust; peach and nectarine for peach silver. The damage will cause pear blister/rust russet fruit surface, blister, and damage leaves.

Peace Twig Borer (PTB) – Lives on peach, nectarine, almond, aprictor, plum, prune. Damage will invade fruit and kills new shoots. Fruit feeding usually superficial, not deep.

This helpful article was from McCauley Brothers Termite & Pest Services. They are located at 120 College Avenue, Santa Rosa, California.

The Importance Of Reuse

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

The saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is so important and so true, especially today. Did you know that each year, Sonoma County residents produce 100,000 tons of material that is landfilled, with a considerable amount of that being usable items: clothes, toys, books, furniture, and household decor? Isn’t that just shocking? Those items could have been used by someone else.

In order to achieve a waste free society, we really need to reuse, repair and reconditioning these items. Statistics show that the average American throws away 68 pounds of clothes and textiles a year. We really need to think about things before we get rid of them because any item can be reconditioned in so many ways- most of the time, making it look brand new!

In Healdbsurg, there are two thrift stores that provide a great service to our community. Goodwill Industries assists people who have disabilities, lack education or job exprience, or face other employment challenges by providing them with employment, job training, and career services. The Goodwill retail store, on Healdsburg Avenue, accepts donations of usable goods, and almost all the profits go to fund Goodwill programs. The bountiful thrift stores located at Lytton Springs Road are run by the Salvation Army. The proceeds from selling donated goods support their in-residence rehabilitation program that serves men and women with emotional or social needs.

 So, the next time you clean out your garage or redecorate your house, think of it this way- Just because you don’t want the item anymore doesn’t mean someone else won’t want to have it. Giving up your old stuff can even make you money- it might not be much, but it’s still something.

For Those Stubborn Windows

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Do you have a window that keeps on sliding down? Well,  we have a few tips here to fix that. You’ll need a ruler/dowel, a pair of window controls (less than $5 from your local hardware store), box nails (about $1 each also from the hardware store), a hammer, measuring tape, and pencil.

To get started, you’ll have to push the window as high as you will want it to open. To do this, you’ll need to use your ruler or dowel to hold it in that position. Place the window control in the channel on one side, then align the top edge of the control with the bottom of the sash. Afterwards, nail it into place. That wavy part of the control holds the window up and when it’s pushed in, it’ll allow the window to slide over it and close.

Then, measure the distance between the nails and the sill and mark the same distance for the other channel. Nail the second control into place. Afterwards, remove the ruler or dowel and lower the window.

It might be a little tricky, but just go through the process slowly and you’ll get it. Good luck!

Make Your Own Pizza At Seghesio Winery

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Roll up your sleeves, dust your hands and get ready to toss some pizza dough! Seghesio will be warming up their wood-fired ovens for a special hands-on experience. Chef Jon Helquist and Pete Seghesio will show you how to select the best ingredients to make your own rustic pizza dough. Then the fun begins…you will make your own pizza out on the winery crush pad. Share your creations and enjoy Seghesio wine. We hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 27th
Sessions at 10:30, 12:30 & 2:30
$45 for Centennial Club members (2 per member)
$60 for guests

Please RSVP by March 12th as this event is limited to 60 people per session. You can call Seghesio at 707-433-3579 ext. 109 or email to make a reservation!

Repair A Small Crack In Drywall

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

A great tip from from Real Simple! These are great tips to replace a small crack in drywall. It takes 30 minutes of active work, plus 25 minutes of drying time. You’ll need a Spackle ($3.50 from Home Depot), a putty knife ($6 also from Home Depot), a fan or hair dryer, fine-grit sandpaper, interior latex primer, a small paintbrush or roller, and paint- ideally left over from when you painted the room.

First, scoop enough Spackle on the putty knife to cover the crack. Spread it over the flaw completely. Do not scrape away the excess. Then, aim a fan at the spot or blast it with a hair dryer set on low for 10 to 15 minutes to expedite drying.

As soon as it dries, sand the surface lightly with sandpaper until the patch is smooth and flush with the wall.

To disguise your handiwork, apply a thin coat of primer using a small brush or roller. Run the fan or hair dryer for three minutes to promote faster drying. Apply two coats of matching wall paint. Use the fan or dryer for two to three minutes after each coat.

Voila! Wasn’t that easy?

Enjoy Breakfast Cooked With Local Products

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Did you know that Sonoma County was voted #1 as “The Happiest and Healthiest Place in California”? What better way to celebrate this than to have a wonderful breakfast made with fresh, local ingredients from different farmers and growers in the county?

Sonoma County Farm Trails will have an Early Bird Breakfast Club – Luscious breakfast using seasonal local products on Friday Morning, March 19th at 8:00AM. This will be held at Hampton Inn 8937 Brooks Road, Windsor, CA. Guest speaker for this event is Kenneth Fischang, President of the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau.

Farm Trail Members can attend this event for free, and for those who aren’t members, the breakfast will be $10 per person. There will be limited seating for this event, so please reserve as soon as possible! You may call (707) 837-8896.

See you there!